The Power of Video Marketing

Why Driftwood Media Loves to Tell Your Story through Video Marketing

Marketing is changing. The focus is no longer on printed catalogues and handouts featuring a list of products and services. It is about your client testimonials, how-to demonstrations, guest influencers, social media posts, drone videos, and more. It is about building trust with your audience via sharing an inside look at your local business operations, product creations, who is behind the brand, what you stand for, and how you support the local community. Video is a powerful tool that conveys all of this in an approachable, captivating, and honest way. It invites potential and repeat customers into your business.

One video can lead to 1000 social media shares, likes, and views. 

Improve brand value and sales by adding video

Poole property developers and Bournemouth estate agents know that selling a property overlooking Europe’s pristine, award-winning Blue Flag beaches is all about ‘location, location, location.’ So creating a printed out brochure does not convey the emotions, movement, and feel of a beautiful Dorset property.

Producing a drone video instantly creates an emotional connection to the listing. It becomes a significant way a person visualises living in that property and enjoying the Dorset life. Now, imagine adding that same high-quality video to your social media accounts. The video becomes a lucrative and powerful tool. It helps your business achieve marketing and sales goals. 

Client testimonials build credibility, trust and confidence

People love testimonials. They feature real people talking about your product, business and/or services in an authentic tone, which becomes synonymous with your brand name. Authenticity and your branding become intertwined in people’s minds. It makes people feel comfortable, confident and secure in making similar purchases as the client in the testimonial. A strong sales pitch does not have the same affect. It loses legitimacy. It is why client testimonials result in a positive conversion rate.

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. 

Video content improves SEO

When some people think of YouTube, they think of cute kitten videos, online fitness classes, and makeup tutorials. But YouTube is much more! It has an incredibly large audience with plenty of opportunities for brands to implement SEO techniques to videos, post how-to videos, introduce potential customers to your brand, and increase brand awareness. 

According to Cisco, 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. 

We make producing video content for your industry an easy process. We have high-quality equipment, deliver in a timely manner, we take care of everything. For more information on how to produce video content.

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